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SPN Today is a private association of consenting individuals 18 years of age and above who willingly and knowingly have come together for voluntary charitable purposes. Participants have chosen to exercise their right to freely give to others who have joined with the same purpose and understanding. Access to the SPN Today website and participation in the activity are by DIRECT, PERSONAL INVITATION ONLY. If you have been invited to view this website, you are a special person indeed and have been given a tremendous gift, perhaps far greater than you have ever imagined.


Please know that SPN Today is not an investment club, not a business, not MLM, not a company or corporation, not a commercial enterprise of any kind whatsoever, nor do its activities include the solicitation of anything. There are no investments here, no paychecks, no products or services to sell, no seminars to attend, no tapes or manuals to buy, and no one MAKES income or EARNS any money. There is no monetary compensation expressed or implied.


There are no profit-making benefits of any kind associated with this activity. This is a Not-For-Profit activity, so no benefits or returns of any nature is expressed or implied and no promises or guarantees of any kind of monetary returns are permitted to be made by any participant of this private activity.

By participating in SPN Today and willingly giving a one time gift to one or more of its participants, the donor of such a gift has chosen to extinguish all rights to the gift and cannot rightfully expect or depend on SPN Today or any of its participants for any type of monetary compensation. Anyone seeking to profit from their endeavors are encouraged to investigate the many profit-making opportunities available today - no such program is offered here. Participants give freely and voluntarily of themselves and expect nothing in return.


Guidelines have been established to maintain the integrity and high standards of this activity and to enforce respect for participants and the law as it pertains to private giving. Participants are prohibited from representing the activity of SPN Today as anything other than as stated above. Maintaining the integrity of this activity and the privacy of its participants are foremost to ensure that this activity remains viable for the long term. It is our sincere wish and hope that all who join us will be visited by abundance very soon.


By clicking the "I Accept" button, you signify that you are 18 years of age or older, have been personally invited to visit the SPN Today website by a current participant, and have fully understood what has been stated above. WE WELCOME YOU!


By entering the Site Password and clicking the "I ACCEPT" button you hereby agree to the terms contained herein, and may enter.


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